NEW – Oat & Barley Plant-Based Beverage

Purity Oats and Barley beverage is the result of almost three years of development in collaboration with PEI-based specialists at Canada’s Smartest Kitchen. It is a refrigerated, fortified plant-based beverage, currently packaged in 2L plastic jugs available in three great flavours: Original, Vanilla, and Chocolate. A 60-person taste panel deemed our plant-based product better than category leader, Almond Breeze. 

Key Purity Oats and Barley characteristics are:

• Unique in the category – no current product features the same source ingredients

• Excellent taste and mouth appeal … preferred over category leader Almond Breeze for flavour and mouth feel in consumer testing

• Cholesterol, dairy, soy and nut … FREE

• Excellent source of calcium

• Good source of Vitamins A, D and B12

• Water-friendly — oats and barley grow with rain only, no irrigation required

• Bee-friendly — oats and barley are pollinated by wind, so no impact to bees

• Proudly made in Charlottetown

Three tasty flavours – natural, vanilla and chocolate!

Whatever your favourite (and it could be all three!), you’ll love the smooth, distinct flavour of new Oats and Barley. Great by the glass, with cereal, in coffee or tea … pretty much any way similar dairy or dairy alternative products are used. We’re pleased to extend our product range with these new plant-based beverages and hope you enjoy them!

Where To Buy

You can get new Oats and Barley at the Purity Dairy office at 317 Kent Street in Charlottetown, and it is also available at these retail locations across PEI.

Other Purity products

We are proud to offer fresh, local beverage products to Islanders. This includes a selection of white and chocolate milks, cream, eggnog and naturally cultured dairy products – buttermilk and sour cream. Our products are packaged in 250 ml cartons, 500 ml, 1L, 2L, 4L plastic jugs, and 10L and 20L sizes (commercial sizes).